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The only witchcraft and occult podcast recommended by both Cosmo and the AV Club, Modern Witch is an interview and discussion based show that is hosted by bestselling author and occult expert Devin Hunter. Now celebrating over 100 episodes and the debut of its ninth season. Find out more at www.ModernWitch.com.

July 16, 2019

S8E11: Call Me Now! Prt 2


We wrap up our discussion on the professional psychic business and drop some F Bombs in this episode!


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July 8, 2019

S8E10: Call Me Now! Prt 1


In this episode Devin and Jess dive into what it is like to be a professional reader and discuss some of the little-known aspects of being a paid psychic. Oh, we also talk about gaming in the beginning and make a huge announcement about half way through!





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