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The only witchcraft and occult podcast recommended by both Cosmo and the AV Club, Modern Witch is an interview and discussion based show that is hosted by bestselling author and occult expert Devin Hunter. Now celebrating over 100 episodes and the debut of its ninth season. Find out more at www.ModernWitch.com.

Episode 1

March 29, 2010

Extremism, current events, music reviews and what? Xenu?

In this episode Devin gives the Tea party a piece of his mind, New witch gets a face lift and those changes are discussed! Devin talks about healing for haiti, totems, reviews S.J. tuckers new album Quartered, and we discover that Xenu and Kathy Lee a lot in common!

Healing For Haiti

Dear Friends and Fellow Practitioners,

As you know it has been several weeks since the earthquake that devastated Haiti. Aide from all over the world poured in to help the Haitian people, most of us donated what money we could, others took off work to volunteer in the relief effort, however media coverage in most parts of the world is more than censored, such is the case in America. What we are not seeing on television are the great horrors the refugees are enduring.

Haitians are being denied food from relief efforts because they are wearing or carrying Voodoo related talismans or clothing. Church volunteers are physically pulling starving Haitians out of food and water lines because of Voodoo affiliations and denying them the very aide they are there to provide. Babies are being stolen from families and sold by foreigners to foreigners, the Haitian government its self is forcing refugees from camps on purpose by making conditions so unbearable that they have no other choice. If there is one thing we can all agree on, religious intolerance is not the way to heal a hurting people, especially when over 50% of this population is under the age of fifteen!

Education is power,and attached to this letter are links to news resources reporting the truths about what is going on in Haiti. We ask that you please pass this information on to others.

As pagans the stories of religious intolerance bothered us on a deeply spiritual level, but even more so the stories of a hurting people being hurt even more by the words of evangelists and big churches shook us to the core. Treating humans as if they were anything less is a direct violation of human rights. With evangelists like Pat Robertson declaring to the world that Haiti made a pact with the devil and brought this devastation upon themselves, even more pressure is placed on an already greatly misunderstood religion!

In the wake of this horrifying news together with friends of the Voodoo faith we created a sigil and easy to perform ritual with the purpose of sending Haitians energy, any and all energy so that they may use it as they see fit. It is with the faith in our pagan brothers and sisters from all traditions and walks of life that this gesture will not only support our pagan brethren in Haiti, but that we as a pagan community can better love and support a suffering people. Please feel free to use this sigil as much as you would like as a symbol of good faith and education.

In your own space and unique way light a candle of any color, and place it upon a copy of the attached sigil. Sending energy in whatever way is most comfortable to you focus your thoughts on this sigil, and once you feel you have done enough recite the following prayer. Allow the candle to burn its self out, and repeat as many times as you can each day for as long as you can.

For you,Haiti Even in your darkest of hours,we still see your Divine Light. We now come with our own Light,not as people who are a part of separate faiths,but as One,UNITED as your sisters and brothers of this human race. We ask that you are restored to our family quickly and without stumbling. We pray for your strength Haiti,just as your ancestors and the Lwa agreed with you when you prayed to begin your steps towards independence. We pray for  healing to the sick,food for the hungry,peace to the mindless,grace to the downtrodden, and faith to the faithless. We pray for you,Haiti,that you are resurrected in this lifetime to become the beacon the Lwas would have you to be. May we never forget you in your struggle. May we struggle as you do,to help in your uplifting. Someday,Haiti,we will dance with you as your brothers and sisters all over the Earth, when this is so!


For more information on the Voodoo religion please visit your local independent book sellar or log onto http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2002/10/1021_021021_taboovoodoo.html. Thank you for your love and support.

Love and light!

Devin Hunter and Mahamaya Everlasting




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