Modern Witch S6E5: Conner Habib

August 12th, 2014


In this episode I sit down with gay porn star, sex expert and Occultist, Conner Habib for a candid discussion about magick, sexuality, and what he’s learned from doing porn. 

Music: Wolf Sky: Wendy Rule, Neptune: S.J. Tucker.

Conner Habib is an author, gay porn star, and lecturer.  His book on sex and culture - The Sex Book: Myths, Positions, Taboos and Possibilities - will be released by Disinformation in 2015.  His writing has appeared in Salon, Slate, Vice, The Stranger, and more.  As an adult performer, he has appeared in nearly 200 scenes in seven years.  He gives talks on the topics of sex, pornography and spirituality at universities and organizations around the country, and lives in Los Angeles.  His twitter is @connerhabib

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