ModernWitchS3E10: Ecstatic Witchcraft prt2

March 31st, 2012

In this episode we continue our discussion on Ecstatic Witchcraft and announce the release of Modern Witch Magazine Volume One.

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  • Chet (White Hall, MD)

    I find it interesting PenDragon (spl?) was feeling bummed when the weather got back to “actual” spring weather (not winter). Here in MD, when it got unseasonably warm (70’s and 80’s) in March everyone was joyous. It seems you guys had the same thing. I approached it from a different perspective. It is not supposed to be in the 70’s (or 80’s!) in March! I was so out of sync it was driving me crazy. The trees were blooming, flowers coming up, grass growing. This was about a month early. We are now back to normal in the first week of April..30′ and 40’s at night, 50′ and 60’s during the day. I feel much better as I am back in synergy with nature, as it is in a normal mode. Maybe I am the odd one. When She is out of sync, I am out of sync. And since I am an Environmental Management student (as well as working full time!) I see these, what seems like “nice” early weather (or the opposite of early tornados), as signs of things changing, and not for the good. Back to normal here, let’s enjoy it for what it is supposed to be :)

    Apr 3, 2012 at 9:41 am