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The only witchcraft and occult podcast recommended by both Cosmo and the AV Club, Modern Witch is an interview and discussion based show that is hosted by bestselling author and occult expert Devin Hunter. Now celebrating over 100 episodes and the debut of its ninth season. Find out more at www.ModernWitch.com.

S9E8: Magickal Mediumship Podmas Special Prt 1 w/ Danielle Dionne

December 24, 2021

In this episode get a behind the scenes look at some of the wicked stuff we are getting up to in the Modern Witch Patreon, namely a candid discussion with witchcraft author and professional medium, Danielle Dionne! We dive deep into the first part of her book and talk about everything from how mediumship works to why some of it might just be crap. You don't want to miss our Modern Witch Podmas special all about death! 


Join us for eleven days of podcasts!

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