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The only witchcraft and occult podcast recommended by both Cosmo and the AV Club, Modern Witch is an interview and discussion based show that is hosted by bestselling author and occult expert Devin Hunter. Now celebrating over 100 episodes and the debut of its ninth season. Find out more at www.ModernWitch.com.

October 20, 2014

Modern Witch S6E6: Jacki Smith


Jacki Smith is the creator of Coventry Creations and the author of DIY Akashic Wisdom and Coventry Magic. On top of being someone in the industry that a lot of people look up to for her business tactics and career wisdom, she is one of the coolest witches I have met in a really long time. In this episode we discuss her business, why witches should work with Akashic Records, and she dishes advice on for the witchcraft and pagan community. 

Jacki on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jacki.smith.37?fref=ts&ref=br_tf
Jacki on Twitter: @CoventryCandles
Music: Dervishing by Rajna and Frigga's Web by Hagalaz Runedance
October 19, 2014

Manifestation for the Selfish Witch #13daysofmagic


The Modern Witch #13daysofmagic challenge is off to a great start and I have already seen some really amazing photos. This morning the timer on my phone reminded me that it was time to fulfill my daily challenge; doing magic for the sake of doing magic. I had thought I would have some great list of spells prepared to perform each day but I haven’t had the time to create such a list. As I stared at my phone I had no clue what I was going to do.

I decided this was a great time to go back to basics and meditate on it. Because I had no big plan I decided to ask myself a very selfish question. What do I need? Usually when I am doing magic it’s for a client or for a member of my community. I do little things here and there through out the day but I never really cast a spell for my own enjoyment. What did I need? I needed to manifest my personal goals like finishing a book and adding to my spiritual repertoire. Without hesitation I went to my book of shadows and found a manifestation spell I wrote a few years back. My first #13daysofmagic challenge photo is a manifestation spell for witches who are ready to get a little selfish.


Manifestation spell for the Selfish Witch


What you need

One Black Candle (To draw from the infinite)

Wisdom Herb Blend (I used Wisdom of Solomon from The Mystic Dream. Solomon Seal, Chamomile, or Mandrake would work great or this.)

Spirit Guide Oil (I used a special ritual blend however essential oil of Rue, Lavender, or Rose would work great.)

The World card from the Tarot (The card shown here is from the Giant Rider Waite)


Casting the spell

Dress your candle with the oil and then the herbs. Before dressing them hold each in your hand and send a little bit of your Holy Fire (auric energy) into each as you whisper your intention to them. “[Wisdom Herb] I seek to align with your powers of wisdom and ask your aide in this working.” “[Spirit Guide Oil] I seek to align with your powers of guidance and ask your aide in this working.”

Place the candle in a fire safe dish and place that over The World card. Draw a pentacle of Holy Fire over the candle and recite the spell.

“By spirit guide and witch’s fire, I summon now my heart’s desire.

Burn ye bright and light the way- for nothing in my path shall stay.

By Queen of Heaven and of Hell, I claim my right to cast this spell.

Head my words and hear me now, for open roads this will endow!

[With a commanding tone declare what it is you wish to manifest and light the candle]

As I will it, so must it be, for the good of all but most for me!" 

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October 16, 2014



This year I thought it might be fun to gather some of my close friends and celebrate magic! Beginning October 19th join Jacki Smith from Coventry Creations, Author David Salisbury, Adam Sartwell and The Temple of Witchcraft, Storm Faerywolf from Blue Rose Faery, Black Rose Witchcraft, myself and others for our #13daysofmagic challenge! 



Each day for thirteen days we will post a picture of a spell that we are doing and tag it with #13daysofmagic. At the end of each day I will post some of the coolest looking spells on the Modern Witch blog! You don't have to post the spell its self, just a picture of the spell in action. The last spells will be posted on Halloween, October 31! 



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October 2, 2014

How the Earth Warrior’s Festival made me proud to be pagan again.


Nestled in the heart of Ohio beneath a canopy of red and gold lies Camp Graham, the home of the Earth Warriors Festival. Seven years ago, under the direction of event organizer and shop owner, Heather Killen, members of the local pagan community gathered to create sacred space for growth and networking amongst those who walk the path of a warrior or guardian. Since then the festival has grown from being a small outdoor event to being one of the premier festivals in the nation.



(Participants gather around the fire)


This year I was invited to teach at the festival and jumped on the opportunity to fly out and bring some west coast witchery to rural Ohio. For those of you who don’t know, I grew up not far from the festival location, so this was going to be a bit of a blast from the past for me. I loaded a suitcase and boarded a seven hour flight to Columbus. When I arrived on location the event staff was finishing preparations and attendees began pouring in. One by one tents sprung up and by nightfall the land, not to far from Fort Ancient, was buzzing with the beat of drums and roaring fire. EWF felt different than other festivals but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why that was. 


I taught an early morning workshop called Advanced Psychic Shielding to a bright-eyed group of people the next day after breakfast. I had a blast sharing my top five spells for psychic shielding and really enjoyed discussing concepts of etheric cleanliness. Those who came to my workshop seemed to get a lot out of our time and asked all the right questions. I spent the rest of the day meeting new people and walking around the beautiful festival site. I felt at home there, I felt comfortable there, I felt proud to be pagan there.



(Devin Hunter preparing for his workshop)


The next day I was approached by an old friend of mine who had signed up to participate in a ritual called The Sacred Hunt. He had taken a vow of silence and as he wrote out his request I soon realized I was being asked to participate as well. I agreed not knowing exactly what I was signing up for, but when a friend asks for ritual support you do it. He smiled, gestured ‘thank you,’ and pointed me in the direction of one of the ritual leaders.


Without giving too much away, as there are elements to this ritual that are meant to be kept secret, I found that I had signed up to participate as a ritual ally for those who would be performing a sacred hunt at midnight. I listened eagerly as I was explained my role and spent the rest of the day preparing for the ritual that night, checking on my friend, and pondering over those things that I needed to hunt in my own life. You see, the ritual wasn’t designed to hunt prey of the physical sense, but rather that of the mental and spiritual. That night I entered the dark woods alone and emerged early the next morning a changed man. There, under the light of a crescent moon and the crisp chill of an autumn night, I released the chains that bind.




As the sun rose Saturday morning I awoke to the sound of birds racing through the trees and squirrels busily gathering for the long winter that would surely come. Still electrified and entranced from a night of drumming and sweat I made my way to the galley where breakfast was coming to a slow end. As I poured hot water over my tea I overheard a conversation that would change the way I looked at pagan community forever.


There amongst the close of breakfast and the clanking of dirty dishes I heard the kitchen staff discussing the fact that they had venison on the menu. This wasn’t just any venison, but deer that had been ritually hunted and brought back to feed the community that was gathering there that weekend. My jaw hit the floor. This changed the way I saw the people around me, it changed the way I saw the pagan community as a whole. Upon further investigation I discovered that the event organizer blesses each hunter at the start of deer season and empowers them to have a plentiful hunt. The deer are given rites of passage when they are tagged and are then brought back to the organizer who then processes the deer for meat and other supplies. Everything is used, even the fat from the deer which is then rendered into a special ritual soap, which you can purchase at her store. 


Later that day I taught ritual dance techniques and parts of a Maori war dance called the Haka. I couldn't stop thinking about how different the culture was here, how everyone really did get along and everyone was going out of their way to be kind to one another. I looked at the blacksmith who had set up a forge next to the communal fire making hooks for someone who needed a tent repair, and saw the fire-spinner setting up a candlelit labyrinth. These people celebrated spirit by putting it first and their greatest sacrament was community. They were doing it right, thats why it felt so different.



(Celebrating high bids at the Pirate Auction, proceeds benefit the EW Council)



(Celebrating a very large bid on his donated spirit board, Devin Hunter is seen here lifting his shirt and rubbing his chest hair on the willing and winning bidder.)


During closing ritual the next day those in attendance spoke of how they had made connections to people the year before and thanks to those connections were able to survive a cold winter. I heard people say in countless ways how the community had lifted them up and supported them when they needed it. I heard people say that the festival gave them hope for a better world and it gave me hope, too. As the festival came to a close it was hard to let go and as I write this I wish so desperately to be back.


I go to a lot of festivals and have seen a lot of event staff. The staff at EWF is different. They stop to make a personal connection with each attendee and went out of their way to make sure each and every one of us had what we needed. They weren’t the kind of staff that put a million miles between you and them, they actually cared, and because they cared we all had a better experience. Everything was on time and the workshops ran smooth.



(Kellianna takes the stage and wows the crowed with her song, "Stone Henge.")


The entertainment was incredible. Kellianna, Sharon Knight, Pictus, the Pirates of the CUC Constantine, and DJ Frater Ziku made each night unforgettable. As concerts ended the main fire would fill with drummers and tribal beats would resonate in the woods for for hours. First-class presenters like Jacki Smith, Alaric Albertsson, Drake Spaeth, and Lilith Dorsey rose the bar with each workshop and continually upheld the high standards of this festival.




(Jacki Smith delivering her deeply inspiring workshop on "Becoming a Legend in your own life.")


I had an incredible time and look forward to coming back next year. It made me feel like I was home and gave me hope for the pagan movement. There I saw people building community by building bridges and working together, something that tends to be personified but not often experienced in the modern pagan movement. Everything from the food you ate to the songs you chanted brought you closer to spirit.  


Attendees had this to say:


“EWF is a place where the idea of tribe truly comes to life. Everyone comes together, hauls together, and really works for a common goal. Cliques dissolve and hearts open. It's incredible.” - Michelle P


“I had an awesome experience at EWF. This was my first year and I left with peace in my soul and happiness in my heart. Everyone was so nice and helpful. The service by Seamus was inspiring. The presenters had so much wonderful information to share. The music by Sharon Knight, Kelliana, and Pictus was great. I enjoyed the vendors and their reasonable prices. I can't wait until next year. I was so impressed with the organization. A big "thank you" to Heather and all the volunteers!” - Sandy D



(Cue Ball playing the drums during a surprise jam session in the pavilion.)


“As a first time attendee I was not at all sure what to expect this weekend. What I found was an amazing tribe who were open and welcoming, instructors who shared knowledge openly and with spirit, rituals that changed my perspective and practice, and music that spoke to my soul. This was a particularly rough weekend for myself and my husband, and somehow every class and ritual seemed to be helping me through the chaos. I have made connections and friendships that will last far beyond the festival. There is no doubt that we will return next year.” - Betsy W


“We're small enough to be able to keep that personal feeling, yet continue to grow each year so are able to afford to bring in amazing presenters and musicians and also provide very yummy food at reasonable prices. Those are the mundane reasons EWF has become the fav fest of so many. But the real reason? It's the people. Heather and a rather large staff of volunteers truly do leave their egos at the door and are rather passionate about Serving the needs of our Pagan community. That attitude of compassion just seems to infest most everyone at the festival. How is this possible? Well, Magick, of course. Duh.” - Pan Jeff R



(Devin Hunter learning how to become a pirate.)


Even Sharon Knight left saying, “I am at Earth Warriors Festival. Awesome people. Piratey vibe, so I feel at home. Talked with a sister entrepreneur well into the night. Felt better about being Pagan than I have in months on the internet.”


All in all, this festival is life changing and is not going to remain a hidden gem for much longer. As the festival grows so does it’s spirit, which from my experience looks hard to contain. 



(Devin Hunter and event coordinator Heather Killen.)


A very special thank you to Heather Killen for inviting me to come and be a part of this amazing event. Teaching this year was an honor and I hope to come and do it again soon. Your transparency, authenticity, and hospitality is second to none and what you have done with this festival is nothing short of miraculous. I truly hope that others can see what you have done and the sacrifices you make year round to make this festival happen. You are incredible and a gift to the pagan community.


To the EWF Staff, you all ROCKED IT! I never had a need for anything and you were even willing to work with my surprise food allergies! Thank you for the amazing job, you made this festival the incredible thing it was. 


(Jacki Smith and Devin Hunter discussing world domination.)


To Jacki Smith of Coventry Creations, I had a remarkable time connecting with you and sharing so many deep thoughts. I look forward to having you on the show and can’t wait to put that order in! You gave me some incredible advice and are quite the powerful witch! 


To the attendees, thank you for being there. Thank you for making the magic.



For more information about the Earth Warrior’s Festival visit their website. A special thanks for letting me use them and all photo-cress go to Jason Price. 

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September 22, 2014

Talisman of the Dark Equinox: A Celebration of Autumn-tide


Talisman of the Dark Equinox:
A Celebration of Autumn-tide
By Devin Hunter and Storm Faerywolf


The autumnal equinox marks a shift of power from that of the world of the living and beginning a slow descent into resonance with the realm of the ancestors. At this time many traditions celebrate the descent of the Goddess into the Underworld such as in the myths of Inanna or Persephone where she will begin a series of trials that will culminate in the creation of life from death. 


Also called “Harvest Home”,  another name for this holiday is “Mabon” and refers to a male Welsh deity later adopted into Arthurian legend. On the Neo-Pagan agricultural wheel of the year this holiday celebrates the “second harvest”, and the awareness of the need to share one’s bounty with the community to better fare the winter months. 


In Black Rose Witchcraft we celebrate the eight Neo-Pagan Sabbats during their astrological occurrence and this year Mabon falls on Monday, September 22. For our solitary ritual this year we have chosen to celebrate the opening of the gates between the world of humankind and the world of spirits by creating other-world wax talismans to act as our guide through the dark half of the year. As the dark year descends the power of our spirit community rises to see us through. 


Other-World Wax Talismans


You will need: 


A small pouch.


One household candle of appropriate color. (We suggest white or black but feel free to use a candle color that might better represent the work you will be embarking on during the dark half of the year.)


An empowered magickal oil of your choosing such as “Mighty Dead”, or anything dealing with themes such as death, underworld, or spirit contact. If you don’t have access to magickal oils we suggest using an essential oil such as sage, lavender, or dragon’s blood, but even simply extra virgin olive oil that you have prayed over will do in a pinch. 


Create a sacred space by casting circle, invoking the elements and your allies, and whichever deities you work with, if any. While facing the direction of West, hold the candle in both hands and perform a sacred breathing technique such as the four-fold breath and as you exhale softly whisper your intention to the candle.


“Creature of flame be now a light unto a path between the worlds.”


Place the candle next to you and pick up the oil with both hands and perform the sacred breathing as before. As you exhale softly whisper your intention to the oil.


“Creature of oil be now aligned unto a path between the worlds.” 


Dress the candle with the oil and as you do chant:


“By light and flame, by thought and breath,

Here cross the roads of life and death.”


Light the candle and say:


“By holy art and magick word into all worlds my voice is heard.

By light that shines while dark descends, By rising power without end

As the veil does now grow thin I summon forth my spirit kin,

Guide me true and ne’er depart, from this my beating witches’ heart.”


Draw a pentacle of holy fire over the candle and repetitively chant until you feel the need to stop:


“Light that shines while dark descends,  rising power without end!”


Allow the candle to melt all the way down and then gather up the remnants. Place them in the small pouch and then hold it in your left hand. Place your right palm over the left palm and visualize the holy fire empowering the pouch. Say:


“Dark equinox, the autumn-tide

be now my otherworldly guide.”



Imagine the last vestiges of the energy you have raised being absorbed into the talisman. Present it to the four directions and pronounce to the spirits therein that you have a new tool and that it will be used to help guide you through the next several months. When done, release any allies, the elements, and close the circle. Keep the talisman on your altar or wear it during dark times. 

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August 21, 2014

What Z Budapest’s ordination of a man means for the rest of us.


I have to admit, in my world the mere mention of Szuszanna Budapest is often followed by a heavy sigh and an eye-roll. I haven't taken her seriously since the whole pantheacon debacle a few years back. Like many contemporary pagans I feel that she has been less of an ally the past few years and more like the crazy aunt at the party we all try to avoid. She is famous for her stance against anything Y chromosome related and has on several occasions been verbally abusive to members in the trans-community. I had grown almost comfortable with my distaste of all things Z Budapest, after all each time she opened her mouth she only reaffirms my opinion. Then she goes and ordains a man.




I think like many of you I just mentally wrote it off as an obvious attempt to save face in the public eye. Currently you can’t google her name without a bunch of hate speech coming up and that has to be bad for book sales, right? Then I looked a little closer and found that the man she ordained was not just some poor sap but a well established author and a fellow priest of Diana from Brazil named Claudiney Prieto


For years I have followed his work because his take on Dianic worship and service is very similar to my own. He and I share values in community service, Goddess worship, feminism, and we both draw heavily from the work of Fazer. “How could a guy like him allow this to happen?” I thought. “Surely he must not know of who this woman really is.” I squirmed silently for several moments as I read through the posts from the recent Goddess conference where it had taken place and then decided to send him a message to get his take on what it all means.


Over our conversation I learned that this wasn’t a full-fledged initiation into the Budapest Dianic tradition, but more of a blessing and acknowledgement for his work within the Goddess community. It is the pagan equivalent of receiving an honorary diploma from an all women's college. He later would tell me that he thought of it as a chance to build bridges between the mostly segregated Goddess community. I loved the sentiment of building bridges, but I couldn’t help but feel it was all a little too naive. After all, I was there for all of the hate speech, and most of it was directed at the groups I work with or at me personally. 


For days I told myself I shouldn’t have an opinion, especially regarding someone els’s tradition. I wouldn’t be sharing it with you now had I not come to a very different conclusion than I was expecting. 


Heres a quote from the press release she sent out on August 11.


“ In a decisive move that nullifies the recent accusations of misandry towards her and her Dianic Tradition, Zsuzsanna Budapest has awarded a man, Brazil’s own Claudiney Prieto with a blessing for the work he does within his own Nemorensis Dianic Tradition, while the Dianic Tradition in Budapest’s lineage remains for female-born women and girls.” 


Obviously, this doesn't nullify anything but it does give this Dianic priest hope for the future. The truth is, we won. Our collective push for change has actually yielded some result. No this isn’t going to take away the hurt she has caused, no it’s not the apology we have all been holding our breath for, but this is the direct result of our collective push for an inclusive future.


In a later press release on August 18 she writes:

“This was a different ordination, meant to be for a Kouretes of the Goddess, a legitimate male (Budapest) Dianic tradition, written up in the Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries (see Chapter 5: The Sacred Sons). Its as orthodox as anything else, I have broken no (Budapest) Dianic rules. We just never found any male who deserved such a distinction. Not that I was actually looking for the first Kouretes.”


Claudiney may not be a full-fledged Budapest Dianic priest with all the bells and whistles but he is a Nemorensis Dianic priest who has done a lot of incredible work. I don’t think his faith in a better future is actually naive at all. He has something that the rest of us have forgotten in the wake of all the spiritual terrorism, hope that the future can be blended in the worship of the Goddess. As a priest of the Goddess I can’t help but feel empowered by this. 

What does Z’s ordination of Claudiney mean for the rest of us? There is still hope.

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August 12, 2014

Modern Witch S6E5: Conner Habib


In this episode I sit down with gay porn star, sex expert and Occultist, Conner Habib for a candid discussion about magick, sexuality, and what he’s learned from doing porn. 

Music: Wolf Sky: Wendy Rule, Neptune: S.J. Tucker.

Conner Habib is an author, gay porn star, and lecturer.  His book on sex and culture - The Sex Book: Myths, Positions, Taboos and Possibilities - will be released by Disinformation in 2015.  His writing has appeared in Salon, Slate, Vice, The Stranger, and more.  As an adult performer, he has appeared in nearly 200 scenes in seven years.  He gives talks on the topics of sex, pornography and spirituality at universities and organizations around the country, and lives in Los Angeles.  His twitter is @connerhabib

Sponsorship by: www.TheMysticDream.com





July 29, 2014

Modern Witch S6E4: Courtney Weber


Join Devin Hunter for a fun interview with Author, Teacher, Activist, Community leader, Tarot Creatrix, and Mermaid- Courtney Weber! 

Courtney Weber is a Wiccan Priestess, writer, Tarot adviser, and activist, originally from Portland OR, now residing in New York City. Courtney produced and designed "Tarot of the Boroughs," a modern Tarot deck set in New York City, composed of original photography. She has been been published in Circle Times Magazine, the Wild Hunt, and the Witches Companion by Llewellyn Books. Courtney is the High Priestess of the NYC chapter of Novices of the Old Ways, a Progressive Witchcraft Coven and Community. She blogs at www.thecocowitch.com and at witchesandpagans.com ("Behind the Broom"). Courtney teaches classes on Witchcraft across the USA and online through Sacred Mists College. She sees Tarot clients in person, via Skype or phone, and conducts readings by email. As an activist, she is committed to LGBTQ equality and green energy initiatives. Courtney lives in Manhattan with her partner and their three cats. Her book "Brigid: History, Mystery, & Magick of the Celtic Goddess" comes out in May, 2015.

Music: Bless our Planet- Kellianna, Singing Bowls- Larisa Stowe

June 7, 2014

Modern Witch S6E3: Erick Dupree


In this episode Erick Dupree joins me to discuss what it means to hold space as a man within the Goddess faith and hi upcoming anthology project. Check out his awesome work over at www.erickdupree.com. 

Music: The Maid and the Dragon by Kellianna, Rhiannon by Faun, and Star Gazing from Delerium.
@MrDevinHunter on Twitter
May 21, 2014

Modern Witch S6E2: Black Rose Witchcraft


Join Host Devin Hunter and guest Storm Faerywolf for this exclusive first look at the exciting new Black Rose School of Witchcraft! Have you ever wanted to learn Witchcraft from leading professionals? Have you ever been interested in taking your craft to the next level? Devin Hunter, Storm Faerywolf, and Chas Bogan may just have what you are looking for! Black Rose is a 13 month journey into the Craft of the Witch. Learn how to meditate, clear your energy, cast a circle, invoke the elements, cast effective spells, and more. Long-distance and in-person classes forming now!

Music By: The Magic Wands, Wendy Rule, & SJ Tucker.

Support by: www.TheMysticDream.com
January 30, 2014

Modern Witch S6E1: AHS Coven Discussion

In this episode Kim Perilloux of the New Orleans Black Hat Society and Mama C join Devin for an AHS Coven discussion! Music by Wendy rule.






April 10, 2013

ModernWitchS4E19:Thorn Coyle


In this episode I interview Thorn Coyle about her new book Make Magic of Your Life! It was an honor to have her on the show as we discussed the 'Four power of the Sphinx,' Morning Star Mystery School and so much more! This Show's playlist includes: Home- The Engineers, Rain Gods- Kan'nal, Hanging On- Ellie Goulding, Reappear - School of Seven Sisters and Divine Twins- Thorn Coyle

April 10, 2013

ModernWitchS4E18: Listener E-mail

In this episode I respond to two very interesting questions and give an earful about R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

March 24, 2013

ModernWitchS4E17: Cara Schulz


In this episode Cara Schulz (PNC MN, National Pagan Coming out Day, Reconstructionist and writer) joins me for tough questions about coming out as a Pagan, politics and why reconstructionists and witches don't always see eye to eye. This was an absolutely awesome show!

Linkage: https://www.facebook.com/PaganComingOutDay , http://gplus.to/CaraSchulz

Songs: The Old Ways- Loreena McKinnet, How Soon is Now?- Love split Love, Invoking Pan- Daemonea Nymphe, Dreams- The Cranberries, Ganesh Mantra- Larissa Stowe and the Shakti Tribe.

March 4, 2013

ModernWitchS4E16: Pagans and Privilege

T.Thorn Coyle and Crystal Blanton discuss the concepts of privilege in this fascinating episode every pagan should hear. This show is inspired by their panel "Pagans and Privilege" that took place at this year's Pantheacon. For more information visit  www.solarcrosstemple.org


Playlist: Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men, Marksum Madness- Raquy and the Caveman, and Raindown- Delerium

March 2, 2013

ModernWitchS4E15: Pantheacon Bliss

After coming home from an amazing con I break down some of my favorite people, dish about who I met and talk about Right of 1,000 Crowns!

This Show's playlist: Invoking Pan- Damonea Nymphe, Howl- Florence and the machine, Gaia-Faun, Circe- Wendy Rule, She is looking for something- Beats Antique

February 21, 2013


Yeshe Rabbit Joins me as we discuss Pantheacon prep!

January 29, 2013

ModernWitchS4E13:SJ Tucker


The amazing SJ Tucker stops by to share her thoughts on music, magic in the everyday and answer a bunch of ridiculous questions!

Lady Moon- Kellianna

Raindown- Delerium

Fell to Regret- Monica Richards

Wandering Star- Kid Beyond

Cheshire Kitten- SJ Tucker

Ghosts-  Ladytron

Rhiannon- Faun

Witchka- SJ Tucker

January 29, 2013

ModernWitchS4E12:Modern Witch Identity Crisis Playlist

Tracks for the Witches' identity.  My musical response to the Pagan Identity Crisis.

A Case of you- Joni Mitchell

Bohemian Like You- Dandy Warhols

How soon is now- Snake River Conspiracy

Ice- Sarah MacLachlan

Mono Desire Space- Eat your Guru

Dragonfly- Kan’nal

For love of all who gather- SJ Tucker

Change in the House of Flies- Deftones

Witch- The Bird and the Bee

We Go on- Monica Richards

January 29, 2013

ModernWitchS4E11: Wendy Rule


Wendy Rule, Singer/songwriter and professional enchantress joins me from Australia to discuss her music and Living a life of Magic a global teaching project she and her partner Timothy have created. Don't miss this excellent interview and to find out more about her and this project visit www.WendyRule.com and www.Livingalifeofmagic.com .


Love Spell- Fiona Horne

Rain Gods- Kan’nal

Wandering Star- Kid Beyond

Horses- Wendy Rule

Ishka- Angel Tears

Monarch- Delerium

Neptune- SJ Tucker

No Light, No Light- Florence and the Machine

Sirena- Faun

Elemental Chant- Wendy Rule

January 29, 2013

ModernWitchS4E10: Last Full Moon of 2012

I lay down a selection of tracks for the full moon.

S4E10: Last Full Moon of 2012

2 Faulken- Faun

What the water gave me- Florence and the machine

Theme from Harry’s Game

Stargazer- Delerium

Marine Beats- Essouria

Reappear- School of Seven Sisters

Small Town Witch- Sneaker Pimps

Ghost- Jes

Phase 3 (Arabic Mix)-  Terrase

Don’t leave me this way- Black Grass

Didg V Hang- Eat your Guru

Children- Robert Miles

January 29, 2013

ModernWitchS4E9: Lew Wirt from PRN

In this episode Lew Wirt, Station Owner/Manager/Boss Man of the Pagan Radio Network joins me to discuss pagan music past and present, what it takes to run a beast like PRN and he shares a few of his favorite tunes.

Solstice light- Celia

Of my light- Sully Erna

Greensleeves- Laureena McKinnet

For the love of all who gather here- SJ Tucker

Bells for her- Tori Amos

Cernunnos- Faith and the Muse

December 20, 2012

ModernWitchS4E8: Mental Health with Crystal Blanton

In this episode I talk with Crystal Blanton, Author, Blogger (Daughters of Eve), community leader, and social worker about the role of community in healing after tragedy. This in-depth discussion brings up questions about responsiveness, responsibility, and out-reach within the greater and pagan community, it's a don't want to miss!

Music: Home- The Engineers, Faith- Sharon Knight, Amba Amba- Larissa Stowe and the Shakti Tribe, I shall be free- Kid Beyond, Gaia- Faun. We were also serenaded by the lovely Celia, with her Yule Single: Solstice Night.

December 13, 2012

ModernWitchS4E7: Circle Time

In this episode I'm joined by Kick-ass warrior priestess Heather Killen ( Earth Warriors Festival, C.O.S., E.W.C., Prison Ministry, and Violet Flame Gifts) and blogger Teo Bishop for a tantalizing discussion on public ritual! For more info on Heather visit www.VioletFlameGifts.com, for Teo visit www.BishopintheGrove.com.

Music: Space Child- Kan'nal, Wolf Sky- Wendy Rule, We go on- Monicha Richards

For showtimes visit www.PaganRadio.Net and for more Modern Witch visit www.ModernWitchOnline.com

December 13, 2012

ModernWitchS4E6: New Orleans was AWESOME

I recap the visit to New Orleans and share with you some of my own magickal awakenings while there.

Music: The Spice- Random Rab

Judas Goat- Filastine

Pulse of the Earth- Hungry Lucy

Mission- Beats Antique

Wondering Star- Kid Beyond

We Swarm- Glitch Mob

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December 13, 2012

ModernWitchS4 SPECIAL: 2012 New Orleans Witches’ Ball

WOW! Join host Devin Hunter as he brings in the Witches' New Year from the 2012 New Orleans Witches' Ball! Special Guests Wendy Rule, Sharon Knight, and Kim Carrielle Periloux.

Music: Voodoo- Godsmack, Faith- Sharon Knight, Witch- The Bird and the Bee, Labrynth- SJ Tucker, Whispering behind the veil- Wendy Rule, Thriller- Michael Jackson, Somebodies Watching Me-, Bewitched- Raquy and the Caveman, Hacate- Wendy Rule, Dervish- The Changelings.

To check out Wendy visit www.WendyRule.com , for more on Sharon visit www.SharonKnight.com.

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December 13, 2012

ModernWitchS4E5: #PPSM3

A Recorded discussion from the #PPSM3! Join Devin Hunter and other amazing pagan podcasters as they answer questions on faith, interactivity, and more!

The podkin have invaded! Join Devin Hunter and other podcasters for this great discussion on the craft! Special thanks to all the podkin who made this such an awesome event! Music: Labrynth- SJ Tucker

Fire Lyte from Inciting a Riot (and Inciting a Brew HaHa)

Saturn Darkhope from Pennies in the Well

Kathleen Borealis from Borealis Meditation

Cory Hutcheson from New World Witchery

Scarlet McPage from Lakefront Pagan Voice

Mnemosyne Mars from Pagan by Nature

Velma Nightshade from WitchesBrewHaHa (and Inciting a Brew HaHa)

December 13, 2012

ModernWitchs4E4:Music For Reflection

A Very Musical Episode inspired by the Astro-Weather. Chill-out and kick-back, your'e listening to The Modern Witch with Devin Hunter.

For more information visit www.ModernWitchOnline.com and check out www.PaganRadio.Net for showtimes!


Dervish- The changelings

Everywhere- Bram 3000

Witch- The Bird and the Bee

All Souls Night- Loreena Mckinnet

Rosemary Lane- Espers

Willows Song- The Wicker Man

Night is coming soon- Unto Ashes

We go On- Monica Richards

Neptune- SJ Tucker

Ancient Ones- Kellianna

December 13, 2012

ModernWitchS4E3: The Magic of New Orleans prt 2

This episode features Modern Witch Contributor Matthew Venus as we dive further into the magic of America's city of the dead.

Visit Matthew online at www.spiritusarcanum.com

Music: 25 years- Blackmores Night, Csillagnasz- The Moon and the Night Spirit, Witches' Rede- SJ Tucker, Fell to Regret- Monica Richards, Silence must be heard- Enigma, The Witch- The Cult.

Check us out weekly on the Pagan Radio Network: www.PaganRadio.Net

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September 20, 2012

ModernWitchS4E2: The Magic of New Orleans prt1

Joining us for part one of our series is special guest Kim Carielle Periloux- creatrix of the New Orleans Witches'Ball. We discuss what it is like being a witch in Crescent City and what makes New Orleans stick out from the rest of the crowd.

Music by: The Witch- The Cult How soon is now?- Love Split Love Whoopin Blues- Treme Brass Band Witch- The Bird and the Bee Creator/Destroyer- Wendy Rule Sirena- Faun Witch Queen of New Orleans- Tom Jones

September 20, 2012

ModernWitchS4E1:Past Lives

In the Season 4 premier we are visited by Occult expert, writer, and modern mystic Ivo Dominguez Jr and discuss past-lives from all angels. Join Devin and Ivo for an unforgettable 90 minutes.

Music Includes:

Silence- Delerium Gaia- Faun Modern Crusaders- Enigma Goddess Chant 99'- Inkkubus/Sukkubus Space Child- Kan'nal Amma- Larisa Stowe and the Shakti Tribe Gypsy- Ronin Hardiman Reincarnation- Natti Nation

July 31, 2012

ModernWitchS3E21:Michael Lloyd & Jason Pitzl-Waters

Join me for the season three finale with special guests Michael Lloyd (Author of, The Bull of Heaven), and Jason Pitzl-Waters from A Darker Shade of Pagan, The Pagan Newswire Collective, and The Wild Hunt.

July 31, 2012

ModernWitchS3E20: Teo Bishop & Gede Parma

In this episode I am joined by two amazing men, Gede Parma- author of his new book, Ecstatic Witchcraft, and Teo Bishop who discusses the nuances of coming out to the Pagan community as an actual semi-famous singer/songwriter.

July 31, 2012


In this episode we discuss hot topics in the world today like technology and scientology.

June 14, 2012

Modern Witch S3E17

In this episode we talk Zombie attacks and Haunted objects.

June 4, 2012

Modern Witch S3E16: Full Moon

Modern Witch Season 3- Episode 16 ( Spirits Part 2)

In this episode we discuss cleansing spaces and working with those who feel they are haunted. Devin plays his Full Moon Playlist.

Show Play List

In the circle- Hungry Lucy

Raggletaggle Gypsy- Christy Moore

Seven Sisters Blues (prt 1)- Funny Papa Smith

Boudiccea- Faith and the Muse

Leave the Lights on- Meiko

Gaia- Faun ( Live at pagan folk festival)

Song of Sophia- Dead Can Dance

Called out in the Dark- Snow Patrol

Witchka- SJ Tucker

Rhiannon- Fleetwood Mac

Simple Truths of a Modern Witch- Fiona Horne

Offering- Teo Bishop

May 29, 2012

Modern Witch S3E15 : Ghosts prt1

Finally back from our two week break we discuss the AV Club, Modern Witch Magazine, and dive deep into Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings, andhow to deal with them!

Episode 15 In the Circle- Hungry Lucy Szarvaslelek- The Moon and the Night Spirit Ancestor Chant- Thorn Coyle How Does it Feel- Royksopp Cast Ou (Spirit Ceremony)- Sully Erna Brynhilds Lied- Faun Kathy’s Song- Unto Ashes

May 29, 2012

Modern Witch S3E14

In this episode we discuss crystals and stones, how to use them, cleanse them, and what to do with them! We also make some interesting announcements about Modern Witch Online and Modern Witch Magazine!

Playlist for this episode.

In the Circle- Hungry Lucy Come Alive- Monica Richards Cast Out- Sully Erna Rosemary Lane- Espers Hindu Peace Prayer- Larisa Stowe and the Shakti Tribe Horned One- Sj Tucker Maksum Madness- Raquy and the Caveman

April 21, 2012

Modern Witch S3E13

On this week's show we chant 'We all come from the Goddess' and await the ancient Budapest curse! -no not really. We have Rowan's New-Moon Playlist and enjoy quite the interesting discussion regarding professional paganism.

This Week's Play-list

Show Theme: Within the Circle- Hungry Lucy Dark Goddess- Fiona Horne Sing Your Life- Morrissey Banishment Spell- Unto Ashes Astronaut- Amanda Palmer Voodoo- Godsmack What Else is there?- Royksopp When your evil- Voltaire Hecate- Wendy Rule

To check out Devin's survey on ex-christian pagans and their relationship to their former faith visit:


April 14, 2012

Modern Witch S3E12:Kellianna “The Ancient Ones”

Episode 12: Season Three

Singer/Songwriter and Goddess Kellianna joins us to discuss her new album, “The Ancient Ones.” We talk magic for new beginnings, count down our top five Kellianna tunes, and after our interview with Kellianna we listen to her new single, “The Ancient Ones.”

Links: Matt Venus Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SpiritusArcanum Kellianna: www.Kellianna.com


Theme: In the Circle by Hungry Lucy Neptune- SJ Tucker Secret Voyage- Blackmore’s Night Ossforras- The Moon and the Night Spirit Old Dance- Rasputina Warrior Queen- Kellianna Pele- Kellianna Stonehenge- Kellianna Lady Moon- Kellianna Aphrodite and Pan- Kellianna The Ancient Ones- Kellianna

April 7, 2012

Modern Witch S3E11: Full Moon

Devin’s full moon play-list, 10 things you can do now to add ecstatic practices to your path, and Alister Crowley invades.


Intro- In the Circle- Hungry Lucy What Else is there?- Royksopp Howl- Florence and the Machine La Unica Excusa…- B-Tribe Ice- Sarah Maclachlin The Snake and the Moon- Faun Divine Twins- Thorn Coyle The End of Law- Bill Laswell Creator Destroyer- Wendy Rule Sinner’s Prayer- Sully Erna How Soon is Now?- The Smiths Alaric- Monica Richards Das Tor- Faun Space Child- Kan’nal Witchka- S.J. Tucker My Moon My Man- Feist The Silver Circle- Monica Richards This New Day- Kellianna

March 31, 2012

ModernWitchS3E10: Ecstatic Witchcraft prt2

In this episode we continue our discussion on Ecstatic Witchcraft and announce the release of Modern Witch Magazine Volume One.

Check us out on-line - www.modernwitchonline.com

March 24, 2012

ModernWitchS3E9: Ecstatic Witchcraft Prt1

In this episode we discuss Ecstatic Witchcraft- Entheogens and breathing techniques. Rowan does the play-list for this 2-parter.

March 21, 2012


In this episode we discuss Crystals and child custody- yeah we went there.

1 Green Man- Magicfolk 3:18

2 Devon Dream- Emil Brynge 4:54

3 Within Hollows- Autumn Grieve 4:56

4 Dervish- The Changelings 8:43

5 Hypnos- (Beefcake Remix) Daemonia Nymphe 4:31

March 10, 2012


In this episode Storm Faerywolf stops by to discuss the Iron Pentacle, we discuss the Bloodroot Honey Priestess tribe, Modern Witch Magazine, and Rowan gives us in site into studying with Laurie Cabot.

Devin’s Full Moon Play-list

In the Circle- Hungry Lucy

Rhiannon- Faun

Space Child- Kan’nal

Is this real?- Lisa Hall

The Maid and the Dragon- Kellianna

Desire Space (Remix)- Eat Your Guru

Chant of the Paladin- Dead Can Dance

Culture Clash- Indigo Spirit

Everyday Goddess- Celia

Everywhere- Bram Van 3000

Edge of the Ocean- Ivy

Bell, Book, and Candle- From The Motion Picture

Gypsy- Ronin Hardiman

We Go On- Monica Richards

Desire- Os Ovni

Witchcraft- Frank Sinatra


March 3, 2012


In this episode we invite Reiki Master Teacher and High Priest Storm Faerywolf on to discuss the magick of Reiki and energy movement.

Play List

In the Circle- Hungry Lucy

Maksum Madness- Raquy and the Caveman

Were-Owl- SJ Tucker

Enter the Circle- Emerald Rose

Bell, books, and candles- Graeme Revell

Trouble in Shangrila- Stevie Nicks

Avalon- Sully Erna

Toncoyotica- Soriah

Muted Land- Monica Richards

Forgotten Worlds- Delerium

February 26, 2012

Modern Witch Panel @ Pantheacon 2012

At this year's Pantheacon in San Jose, Ca Devin hosted a panel on Politics,  Sexual discrimination, and Conflict management. The Panelists include: Jason Pitzl-Waters of The Wild Hunt, A Darker Shade of Pagan, and PNC, Yeshe Rabbit of CAYA coven and Way of the Rabbit Blog, Margot Adler - author of several books including Drawing Down the Moon and of NPR , and Storm Faerywolf of Witch-eye.

Special thanks to Sparrow of The Wigglian Way Podcast for recording the audio for us!

February 25, 2012


We talk Pantheacon 2012, the Rite of the Bear Mother, and we discuss Totems and Spirit Animals.

This Episode’s Music

Larisa Stow & The Shakti tribe- Amma

Soriah- Borbak

The Moon and the Night spirit- Holdtanc

Kan’nal- Myth Magick

Wendy Rule- Wolf Sky

Blackmore’s Night- 25 years


February 18, 2012


In this episode we discuss what to do when you have a life changing event and you don't have a spiritual community to turn to. Join hosts Devin Hunter and Rowan Pendragon as they explore this intense topic.


Elaine Silver- Burning Times Gypsy- A Hym to Morrigan Jenna Greene- Wild Earth Child Michelle Mays- Persephone Spiral Rhythm- Dance, My Children, Dance Velvet Hammer- Blessed be Wendy Rule- Live at the Castle on- Vasalisa

February 11, 2012

Episode 3 S3: Love Magick & Barry White

In Episode 3/Season 3 we discuss Love Magick: it's the weekend before valentines day and well... we had to. We talk why it doesn't work and how to MAKE it work! Devin declares Barry White the Patron Saint of Love making, Rowan ditches her own wedding for Lobowski-fest, and play one of the creepiest versions of tainted love EVER!

You're  The  First  The  Last My Everything -Barry White

Bitter Ruin- Beware

Love Show- Sky

Love Spell- Fiona Horne

Love Lies- SJ Tucker

Tainted Love- Hannah Peel

You Don't own me- Lesley Gore

I will follow you into the dark- Death cab for cutie

Anything for love- Meatloaf

Not Unusual- Tom Jones